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Speed & Energy Camp     

Congratulations and welcome to Speed and Energy Camp! The camp that gets your kids off the screens and into a happy healthy environment! Giving kids a fun and safe space to become better athletes and better people! We are welcoming kids the ages of 5 and up to participate in Speed Camp. Perfect for kids just getting out of school or practice. Amazing for athletes looking to improve pre, mid, and postseason athleticism. Also perfect for kids just looking to run, get in a better head space, and try new things! We would love for you and your kiddo to come hang out!

Why: We strive to give these kids a sense of purpose, self worth, confidence, and health! Through physical fitness they can break through the chains of poverty, self doubt, inadequacy, and an unhealthy lifestyle. We are moved to change the world with movement! A movement that leaves the kids feeling like they can accomplish any and everything! Our youth is our future and we aim to have a healthy future.

When and Where: Practice is held at the Boy's and Girl's Club in Ft. Collins, Co. Tuesday and Thursday 6 pm. Pick-up starts at 6:50 and no later than 7 pm.! What to bring: Athletic wear and shoes, water bottle, and a face mask.

Coaching staff: Head coach is Terence Clay owner of T Fit 101. Assistant coach is Coach D. We will also have hand picked volunteers to help us on certain days. 

Camp cost per session: $50 for single child family and $35 per kid for multi child family. If you need any financial assistance we can help! Please don’t let money be the reason your child can’t participate and uplift their life! Sponsors will help!

Speed & Energy Camp


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