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T FIT 101

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Tony S.

I can't recommend Terence and T Fit 101 highly enough. Terence is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and body mechanics, has an amazing positive energy that is contagious and authentic, and beyond just fitness builds a real sense of community


Transformational and fun! Terence mixes up the work outs so you're always excited and engaged and your body doesn't get sluggish from the same routines


I love Terence! He's an amazing instructor, always learning, growing, and adapting! Been working out with him for 7 or 8 years now. No two days are the same! He always has a positive attitude that will 100% make your day better. Worth every penny!

Terence never fails to put me in a better mood during our workouts. He’s so attentive (even online), fun, and caring. Over the past 2+ years he’s become more than just a trainer but he’s never afraid to check me to push hard and accomplish my health goals.

Craig P.

I was really hearing you today buddy. I needed to hear you today. I'm not gonna say no to my dreams! I'm not going to settle! I'm going to put the work in. F$#k that little voice that's telling me I can't get what I want.
Love you dude. You inspire me.

Terence is an absolute rarity. If you've been looking for someone to challenge and encourage you to reach your goals, look no further!



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