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Oh My Gosh, I Feel Fantastic! More Energy, Greater Strength, Less Body Aches


I started working out with Terence Clay as a personal trainer when I was 68. From the beginning Terence said we would work on strength, balance, and agility. At this point I've been working with him for a total of about six months. I can say without any question or doubt that Terence has done wonders for me. I wasn't in bad shape when we started, I didn't think, however considering the shape I'm in now, and how good my body feels in the strength, balance , and agility that I've gained, I would say that I had let myself go for far too long.


Previous to the training, I had started walking with my head bent forward and my shoulders rounded. With the work that we've done together, my muscles are much stronger to where it's easy to walk with erect posture and my head more properly positioned above my shoulders without pitching forward. It's actually easier to walk with proper posture, now that my muscles can do so, since one’s body has to do a lot more work and effort when it’s slunched forward as one walks. Previously to finding Terence, I had worked with some physical therapists for a few months. I can say that the training I've done with Terence has done much more for me than the physical therapy had done. That's not to put down the physical therapists. They are excellent for what they can accomplish for the right person in the right situation. However I'm just making a comparison for my own needs that the training for strength, balance, and agility that I've done with Terence was what I needed for me.


I love to play pickleball. Before training with Terence, after two to three hours of pickleball, I would be very sore and my body very tired. I wouldn’t want to play the next day in order to give my body rest and to recuperate. Now, my body isn’t sore after playing two to four hours of pickleball. I am tired but a “good” tired and not a “totally wiped out” tired that I had previously felt. Plus I’m ready to play the next day, and the next, that is, multiple days in a row.


For a few years before starting the training with Terence, I had practically constant joint pain at the base of both thumbs, in both wrists, and the base of both big toes. The strength training significantly reduced that pain. I also, within the last couple months, went almost gluten-free, which almost finished removing the pain. (I guess that means I should go totally gluten-free.) 


As you can tell, I highly recommend Terence as a personal fitness trainer and group fitness trainer if you prefer that route. As he did with me when we first started, he will ask you your personal goals and what you want to accomplish. He will create the training to accomplish your goals as he has done with me. He will also modify your personal training along the way as you request to work on specific areas. Terence always has a very positive and upbeat attitude. He is a wonderful person. He is extremely knowledgeable about the body, muscle structure, and how to do the exercises in the proper way. He watches you very carefully to tweak, in the moment, how you do each exercise to gain the maximum benefit. It’s fantastic working with him because all I do is show up. I don’t have to think about what to work on - shoulders, back, legs, torso, etc. - or how to properly accomplish each exercise. I just show up and he knows what we need to work on that session.


One last note. If this sounds like too much of a glowing endorsement for Terence, I want you to know that I did not know him before finding him as a personal trainer. I am just very grateful that I have found him and for his knowledge, expertise, and guidance to accomplish the work we’ve done and how incredibly good my body feels for being stronger, having much better balance, and being much more agile than when I started the personal training. 


Ed M.

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