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Soccer Summer Skills Camp

Soccer Summer Skills Camp

Beyond excited to get our athletes active during the summer season! This is going to be our most exciting and skills packed camps ever. So much thought, creativity, and care has been put into this project. We are going to change these athletes' lives forever. Each player will noticeably have an improved touch, IQ and strong understanding of their role on the field.


Time: 6:15-7:45 pm

Camps location: Rolland Moore Park

 Dates: 6/5th, 6/12th, 6/19th, 6/26th


Take a look at our camps Technique itinerary:

Day 1:

○ Dribbling and cutting

○ Check shoulder turn

○ First touch( close/ into space)


Day 2:

○ Receive in space

○ Through/ long ball

○ Cutting and crossing


Day 3:

○ Breaking lines

○ Trap a through ball/ cross and shoot

○ Angle of attack


Day 4:

○ Fast breaks & counters

○ 1v1

○ Breakaways 


All of these techniques heighten each player's ability to pass, create space, and score. Once again our coaching staff is so pumped for this project. Let's give these players the tools for them to succeed and prosper in the game of soccer!

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